Hi there! I'm Joy!  I am an adventurous creative who loves meeting new people, seeing new places and documenting life's fleeting moments.  I have always been a quiet spectator. I have always sought beauty in the ordinary and noticed the unnoticed.  A visual storyteller who is inspired by unguarded moments and amazing love stories. My passion is not just to tell your story but to capture all these magical unguarded moments, into memories to last a lifetime.


My romance with the camera started during my high school years and have rekindled with the birth of my daughter.  I love working with couples who are wonderfully unique, spontaneous and free adventurous souls.  My style is bright, natural and fresh with a compelling mix of relaxed candid shots and art. I love to embark on an adventure and uncover remarkable locations and find breathtaking light in the most natural and genuine way by capturing your joy, love, tears and laughter.  


If you want to make your wedding or elopement meaningful rather than just following tradition, then we are the perfect match.  If you are free spirited, creative and don't mind hitching up your skirt, magic moments await.




Northern Oshawa, has been my home for three years.  Surrounded by magnificent fields and beautiful farms, I share this place with my husband and our beautiful daughter.  I am awestruck with the outstanding natural beauty and the majestic landscape that surrounds me.  As a creative individual, I am very much drawn to put people in a setting back-dropped with those beautiful landscapes.  Resulting in a most beautiful sculpture of that moment and unraveling an abundant expanse of emotions.  Every so often we find effervescent love,  solemn solitude now and again, and something that we cannot explain nor fathom but nonetheless beautiful.


I like to keep my wedding and portraiture sessions informal and relaxed.  It's a blend of spontaneous moments and purposeful posing.  I am there to give gentle direction and helpful observation.

Here's a little trivia -   Beside being a wedding photographer, I have a background in Anthopology, Media Design and Tourism. Why so many?  Back then, in the Philippines we graduate highschool at sixteen.