I am still old school and I have always love notebooks, paper and pens. Just like when I was in elementary school. I remember I love to collect small notebooks with various cute covers and I would also barter pages of stationery with my classmates for a different stationery piece and that I would keep them in an album as a steadily amass my collection.

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DIY - Linen Styling Board

LINEN.  Go to your favourite fabric store and choose a colour of your choice. You may want to keep in mind that neutral colours are a good background choice for a variety of photography styling assignments.

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Part 1 | Bridal Session | Mount Albert, Ontario

When I first started, I vividly recall that I have joined various groups in Facebook catering for photographers.  There are some that are for mentoring, or there are groups for sharing their know-hows or gentle opinion for your photos.  Other groups are for coaching and some for beginners. 

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