Daranak Falls


Daranak Falls is 14 meters high and surrounded by lush forests. The crystal clear cool waters cascade down into a 30-ft deep catch basin amidst boulders and greenery. It then flows into the river that trekkers to the falls can follow.

One of the highlights of our trip back home is Daranak Falls in Tanay, Rizal. It’s a good 2 or 3 hours trip from where we were in Manila. When going to this location, please wear comfy shoes and bear in mind to get a footwear with lots of traction. The trek going to the falls are full of rocks and they are very slippery. You can bring your own lunch or if you didn’t there is a restaurant by the entrance and you can order from there. They will bring it over to your hut when its lunch or dinner time.

Here are some of the information that you need to know:

The falls are open from 8AM to 5PM everyday.


  • Adult: Php 50 (USD 1)

  • Children: Php 50 (USD 1)

  • Picnic Shed: Php 300 (USD 6)

  • Picnic Table: Php 200 (USD 4)

  • Lifebuoys (Salbabida): Php 50 (USD 1)

  • Life Jacket: Php 50 (USD 1)

  • Shower Room: Php 10 (USD 0.20)

  • Locker: Php 50 (USD 1)

  • Parking Fee: Php 50 (USD 1)

  • Professional Photoshoot: Php 1,500 (USD 30)


  • No alcoholic beverages allowed

  • No videos or loud music to be played to preserve peace and serenity of nature

  • No pets

  • No plastic and styrofoam materials to be left behind