A New Beginning | Intimate Backyard Wedding | Newcastle, Ontario

A cold breeze grace the wet grass as rained just visited the beautiful town of Newcastle the night before. Cars lined up and down the street outside the home of Courtney’s parent’s home. Rings of laughter, children’s giggles ring through the yard. Guests had flew from far and wide to witness a special day for two beautiful souls.

Kevin and Courtney are based from British Columbia and they are making their vows in the most special place - Courtney’s parents’ home. A vast property full of trees, wide green grassy grounds and a ranch with beautiful horses beyond the property. The day was filled with laughters, love and warm hugs. They have not seen their family and friends in the longest time and it was a feast to the eyes to see such warmth and love between all of them.

I am truly honoured to have witnessed such beautiful beginning of another chapter to two people who vowed to loved each other for the rest of their lives. Congratulations you two and best wishes on your wedding day!