An Intimate Romantic Wedding at Nottawasaga Inn | Alliston, Ontario | Second Shooting Experience

April 2018, I have reached a decision that I should somewhat shift my focus and exert my efforts in enhancing my website as well to be religious in my blogging. And I want to share with you my second shooting experience when I was first starting out.  I would like to expand on how it is such a beneficial experience to have second shooting exeperience on a later post but for the meantime here is my experience shooting a romantic and intimate wedding at Alliston, Ontario.


As my favourite book character use to say - 

Strange, the things you remember. Single images and feelings that stay with you down through the years.  ~ Claire.

Such as the moment when I was accepted and has been given the opportunity to become a second shooter.  I was truly astounded and beyond grateful!  It has been months passed since I have been searching for a chance such as this to come my way and I was about to give up when Steph from Steph Donaher Photography gave me the much-needed chance to gain experience, to hone and practice my craft, as well as to be able to build my portfolio. I am immensely thankful for the opportunity!


It was a beautiful wedding, full of love and joy and weather!  It was raining hard that day but nothing can stop them from saying I Do! Not even the siren that blare signifying or warning for TORNADO!