DIY - Linen Styling Board



24 x 30 Canvas or Art Boards

Hot Glue

Glue Gun

1 Yard Linen

Iron and Ironing Board


1. LINEN.  Go to your favourite fabric store and choose a colour of your choice. You may want to keep in mind that neutral colours are a good background choice for a variety of photography styling assignments.

When you have chosen your fabrics - I have found mine from China Town in Toronto.  Their fabric store's collection is so vast that I had a hard time deciding what colour to choose! He he.  But getting back on our procedure and now that you have chosen your fabric, you are going to have to do some ironing to remove the folds and wrinkles.  You may want to use a big ironing board and put your iron to a hot temperature and spray some water on your fabric. Linen's iron well when it's hot and slightly damp.  Or else you will become like me, I ironed liked a mad woman!

2 BOARD.  Prepare your board.  You can use a canvas board or any artboard you prefer.  I used a plastic board from our local art store Deserres.  

3. CUT.  Cut your linen to size with your board with having 2 inches excess in each side.

4. ADHERE.  Now that your linens and boards are ready and they are laying on top of each other, with the linen on the bottom and board on top, put the glue on top of the board and make your folds.  Make sure that you are pulling your linens tightly when adhering that way you do not have air pockets on your linen.