Work & Play | New York | Day 1

Ferry ride to see the lady in the water!

Ferry ride to see the lady in the water!

It was a beautiful coincidence that until today I am still in awe when I tell the story on how this trip had come about.  Here I was sitting on my computer and researching, preparing for the upcoming March Break.  I have thought of my dear friend who had moved to New York, of how we should go visit them.  The only thing that is stopping me on proceeding with this idea is the thought that they might be busy, since one, they have just moved in their new home and two, they are expecting.  But to my surprise I received a message from her!  At first we were chatting on different things and catching up on the recent events of our lives.  Until we came on the topic of March Break.  I have relayed to her that I am currently researching and putting together ideas on what to do for this break.  She had gleefully invited us over and I am so grateful for the invitation.  At the same time she was relaying that she is planning on getting her husband to take a photo of her for maternity and was messaging me to ask if I may be able to edit the photos for her!  When we both thought of something!!! It's work and play!!!

She wants to hire me to do a maternity photo session and at the same time, we would galavant around the city!  What a brilliant idea! We both started planning the itinerary for our shoot!

Here is our Day 1 in New York~!