Winter Sonata Maternity | Aurora, Ontario | Rom & Wheng


Wheng and I found each other through my client turned friend Jess.  She was looking on doing a maternity shoot and after a couple of exchanges of correspondence the rest is history!

We have decided to do the session to a location near their house, and that prompted me to search around their area.  Wheng and I had both agreed on a location not more than 10 minutes away from their house and it was a gem!  The place is perfect for their session, there are trails and lots of trees, it even has a picnic area and a shed if you walk further down the path.

Rom and Wheng are expecting their second child, and it's a girl!  I am so honored to capture this momentous occasion for Rom and Wheng.  A celebration of love, life and family!


If you would notice the title, I took that from what Wheng referred to when she was in awe of the place.  This place is somewhat similar to a famous location in South Korea made known by a popular Tv series - Winter Sonata!