Part 1 | Bridal Session | Mount Albert, Ontario

When I first started, I vividly recall that I have joined various groups in Facebook catering for photographers.  There are some that are for mentoring, or there are groups for sharing their know-hows or gentle opinion for your photos.  Other groups are for coaching and some for beginners.  I have made some friends in one of those groups and we have formed our very own group.

My good friend Steph from Steph Donaher Photography had pitched a plan for a bridal session, so that we may be able to practice and build our portfolio at the same time.  This was an excellent and brilliant idea!  When everything has been finalized, our bridal session would be held on a Sunday at Mount Albert, Ontario. It was a picturesque park and conservation area, surrounded by meadows and glorious trees.

Everybody had arrived and I remember that I was a nervous wreck.  Armed with my Nikon D3100, I was very much intimidated as some of the other photographers has had already been a year in their business and they are also armed with their arsenal cameras!  However, everybody was so friendly and accommodating that I deemed myself so lucky to have met such wonderful ladies!

This was an awesome experience as it is not only did I experience my first bridal session but this session had boosted my confidence it further pursuing my dream in photography.