It's a Joy to Meet Yuh! | Oshawa, Ontario


It would be a feat to work in the field you are passionate about.  But it begs the question how.  How does a person make the jump of faith to their passionate dream.  My journey took a couple of years in the making.  I have always loved photography - longed for it to be exact.  You see, I lost all my childhood photos amidst the chaos of separation of my parents. And it seems that losing those photos, I've also lost a part of myself.  No baby pictures, no first-walk pictures, no first birthdays, no happy photos to look back on the life that I once had.

They say I take after my grandfather on my father's side.  He was an architect and loves to draw and the arts.  I remember getting a report card during my school years that says I excel in Science and Art, though I never really thought of getting an art career.  My first camera was a Fuji film camera.  I used it for 4 years all through out high school and it wouldn't be eighteen years later that I would hold a camera once more.

When I freshly graduated from college, I happily accepted a job offer from the organization that I was aiming for!  I worked in an office environment as a client services coordinator in the Tourism & Hospitality industry.  I looked at the heavens and thanked my lucky stars as I was able to get my dream job....or so I thought.  Somehow despite having a city job, a scenic train ride to work, an office by the lake, there is this feeling that something is still missing.  The passion is dying and my life is falling into a daily zombified routine.

Now during these years life has thrown me a surprise!  I had cysts in my ovaries. That is correct, you've read it right, its in plural. I have cysts in both my ovaries and later had a surgery to have them removed.  My doctor told me that I have a slim chance of having a child. One of my life's aspiration is to have a family and upon hearing this news, I was crushed and devastated.

Fast forward to year 2013.  My husband and I are shedding tears of joy as our prayers has been answered. We welcomed a tiny little life into the world, our daughter.  Our miracle.  I was happy beyond belief that I was granted a chance on motherhood.

As I navigate through the sometimes rocky path of  parenthood, I realized that it has changed me in ways I could never have predicted.  Motherhood challenged me and made me felt a strong resolve to emerge a better evolved version of myself.  I want to be the best mom I could be for my little girl.  I want to bear witness to her growing years and I wouldn't miss it for the world.  Armed with this resolve, I decided to take the leap and be a WAHM - Work At Home Mom.  At first I thought of designing invitations, since one I have a background in media design and two, I love weddings.  I was able to set-up an etsy store but later on decided to close. Another idea that came to mind was jewelry but it just was too painstakingly slow to make. Both of these ideas involved photography and styling, specially in marketing these products

This is the time that I blessedly stumbled upon and found my way back into photography. (cue Hugh Grant's song...all I want to do is find a way back into...)

I was already having fun taking photos of my daughter with my smartphone but I decided to take out my old DSLR camera - Nikon D3100.  I soon found out that I am good with photography. I feel a certain sizzle of energy within me.  It's as if I was in my own world, no stress or worries, just a calmness about me and an easy flow.  I started learning to shoot in manual mode and the laws between, ISOs, shutterspeed and apperture.  I enrolled myself in courses and workshops to enhance my skills and further learn the craft.

Since then, I have secured several contractual projects, weddings, and clients.  Its such a rewarding feeling to see clients, have their photos hang in their homes or displayed at their wedding.  And have clients pass their album or photos to their sons and daughters as part of their legacy.  Forever cherished.

Reminiscing back at the past couple of years, was nothing but an amazing experience to the new direction of where life will take me.  My yearning for learning is increasing exponentially and I am beyond excited that life has took me from a seemingly perfect flow of dreams coming true to a curve ball, towards life's wonder to self-discovery.

Some say that I’ve found my calling in photography and I feel so incredibly lucky to have found it as some go through life never finding it.  I am glad I  have given myself  a little push, to have a little determination, to work hard, and to believe in myself that gave me the courage to TAKE THE LEAP.