Huzzah!! New Business Name


It wasn't that long ago that I braved the adventure in photography.  It was an exhilarating launch and celebration!  A journey full of learning and beautiful human stories to behold.



And Today! Let me announce the brand new home and new name for my work!  JOYCRUZ.COM HUZZAAHH!!!

It's been a labour of love launching this site ever since making the decision last October to change my business name to my own name.  It was June of last year that had catapulted me in going to a hiatus.  It is quite apparent that I needed to re-evaluate things for myself.  

It was late December where I felt that everything has improved and it was then this website really started to take shape as I found much needed certainty on where my business would be headed next.

This is the official homebase for my lifestyle and wedding photography.  Potential clients can soon see our updates, read about the services we offer, and watch recent videos of our projects.

Let me say my farewell to my beloved Sinta Studios.  It's a name that has been with me since day one in recording the planning process of my passage to "I Do". You must be pondering as to what does "Sinta" means. This term is a Filipino word and it means:

sinta •
  • Mal n.
    • love between man and woman, love of man for the diety, love for the country kasintahan (ka-an)
  • n.
    • sweet-heart, beloved

With a grateful heart I am bidding good-bye and with the onset of a new season, I am welcoming a brand new name and home for my work!

Cheers to this new adventure!


xoxo Joy