DIY - Hand Dyed Ribbon


Hi Friends! Here is another DIY for yuh! One of the things that I use in styling details are ribbons.


  • Silk Fabric

  • Dye

  • Pot

  • Ruler or measuring tape

  • Hot Water

  • Scissors

  • Thong

  • Ladel

  1. I used silk for this DIY and I bought it from the local fabric store near my home.

  2. For an artistic look, I had hand ripped the ribbons from the 1 yard fabric. To do a hand ripped ribbon, snip a tiny bit on the edge for easy ripping. Bear in mind before making that little snip on the edge, that you had already made the measurement on how thick the strip of ribbon that you want.

  3. I bought the Dye from Michaels and I bought pink and blue. Follow the instructions on box.

  4. After the following the instructions - Drop your ribbon in the dye and leave until your desired color is achieved. To create the gradient ombre-like affect of your individual ribbons, leave them in the dye solution for varying amounts of time. The longer the ribbon is left in the solution, the darker the hue will be.

  5. Hang them to dry. From my experience it takes a strip of ribbon to dry in 20 minutes.

  6. When the ribbons are dry, you can choose to leave them with a crumpled or wrinkled look or you can choose to iron them to have a polished look.