DIY - Hand Dyed Silk Ribbons


Hi Friends! I would like to share with a you a recent project that I did, in the aim to add to my collection of styling kit that I bring on weddings and photo shoot.

I love ribbons and nothing beats the timeless look of hand-dyed silk ribbons.  In making your own, you would need the following:

1 Yard - silk (raw)

Dye - color of choice








1. Silk - Buy silk in your favorite fabric store or if you have a china town or market. I recommend to buy your fabric there as they have many choices and they are less expensive than a specialized store. Measure your desire width for the fabric and make a cut in the edge so that you can have something for grip.  When you think you have a strong hold of the fabric, strongly rip it apart to have your 1 yard ribbon ^_^. This method is great to create the tattered edge of the ribbon.

2. Dye - I bought the dye from an arts and crafts store.  We have a few of that kind of stores in my area, (De Serres, Walmart, Stiches N Things, Michael's)  I bought the dye I used from Michael's

3. Prepare Dye Solution - Wear rubber gloves if you are working on a lot of fabric, however if you are just doing what I am doing, use the ladle to scoup up the fabric.  This is an instruction in using RIT Dyes.  Dissolve RIT thoroughly in hot water (500 ml per package).  U se 1 package RIT for 500g (3 m) fabric. Fo dark or bright RIT dye colors, use double the quantity of dye or prolong the time of the fabric in the water.  After reaching desired shade, take the ribbon out and washed it with cold water and hang to dry. It takes about 30 minutes to dry indoors (I did this during cold winter weather)