DIY - Styling Board


Hello there!!!  If you know me, one of my favorite part in covering a wedding day is to capture and style the wedding details.  I absolutely love shooting pretty rings, shoes, invites, and everything in between! But, we photographers know this heart stopping experience, when we walk to a room to do bridal detail photos and there is no space, object or backdrop in sight! Let me share with you a DIY project that I did, that helped me with capturing  lovely wedding details.

what you need will be:

24 x 32 board/canvas

1 yard Linen

Glue gun or Staple Gun


Iron and ironing board


This is simple, easy and very inexpensive!  You can choose what board you want to use. It can be a foamboard, a hardboard or a canvas.  I found my board at another craft store called De Serres.  They carry multiple boards and paper, and in variance of thickness.  Next, in looking for fabric I found two ways, Its either you can order online or visit fabric stores. I opted to go to the stores and I went to Spadina in downtown Toronto.  It was such a wonderful experience for me that I will definitely do that again, should I decide to add another board for my project.  I bought 1 yard in different colors and shades.  I also bought authentic white silk ribbon, that I am planning to dye later on.  I will post that project in another entry. ^_^


After gathering my materials,  I measured my fabric and cut it with an inch in a half in each sides.  One thing that you will learn is that linen is very hard to make wrinkle free. I ironed it like a mad woman and because I was pressing too hard the jagged pattern of the metal underneath the ironing board is coming out in the linen.  I learned from my seamstress friend that you can also use a steamer to iron out the wrinkles or creases. 

After ironing it and ensuring it that its wrinkle free (I have a little OCD in that department hehehe.) I layed it flat underneath my board and started putting the hot glue on the sides. :)  Take note, when sticking the glue or using the staple gun, ensure to pull your fabric on all the sides to avoid any air pockets. And glue/staple it tight and snug.  And its DONE TADAH!