Celebrating Friendship! | Oshawa, Ontario | Fine Art Photography


Our session was originally planned for a sunrise photo session and that they would be wearing a long flowing dress.  Location by the beach and the sun would start to come up.  However all our planning has to go for plan B.  It had rained and snowed the night before.  Instead, we had chosen to have a winter wonderland with an enchanted walk in the forest theme.


We have chosen to go to the trails in Harmony Park in Oshawa.  The trees are so lovely and the forest is covered with the enchanting snow.  The forest looks so magical!  We took a couple of shots at the clearing and went further inside the intricate weave of the trees. 

And let me say it is wonderful to have clients that listen or follow the guide that was given for the photo session.  They have brought multiple outfits with colors that really pop against the endless white of snow.  And what was more fun is that they have matching outfits!


I am so lucky to be a witness of one of life's treasures - Friendship.  The bond of these two wonderful ladies is a wonder and a feat to behold.  They have been the best of friends for years.  They have shared the ups and downs of life, the laughters,  the tears, dreams and ambitions.  They are each other's support system.

It's so wonderful to have a friend that influences you in such a positive way.  Ushers you in the right direction and brings out the best in you!  A friendship such as this is rare and hard to find. But once you found it, its a TREASURE!

Wishing these two many more years of wonderful friendship!!!

Did I mention that we came across a jogger that have allowed us to have a photo taken with his dog?

Did I mention that we came across a jogger that have allowed us to have a photo taken with his dog?